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Snap's 3 Steps to Success


Step 1

Like and Follow our Facebook Groups

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Step 2

Complete the 1-2-3 Launch Sheet.

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Step 3

Help your team "Complete the Sheet".

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Step 1.

Get Active in our Community

Our group provides timely updates, exclusive insights, and efficient query resolution for members.

Engage with the members of the Facebook groups by participating in thoughtful discussions and sharing valuable insights. Your interaction fosters a sense of community and encourages active dialogue. Additionally, consider sharing the group itself, as well as the insightful posts within it, to further expand its reach and influence.

Step 2.

Complete the Sheet and get Rewarded

Print the sheet and complete it to earn your Snap Reward

This "123-launch" PDF is your personal guide to success. It's all about becoming a manager, earning tax credits, and promoting cool services. Complete tasks, join a Facebook group, and you could even score free plans. It's your ticket to achieving your business dreams. How cool is that?

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Step 3.

Help your Team

Once you "Complete Your Sheet", download the 1-2-3 Tracker below to best stay organized and help your associates succeed. Now, help your team "Complete Their Sheet" and everyone succeeds!!!

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